Our online courses migrated from Thinkific to Circle which we call, The Nest, in September 2023.

Questions you may have about our move to Circle:

How can I sign up for Circle?

You can sign up by clicking the “Sign Up” button in the upper right corner.

How can I keep my access to the courses?

If you were a student of our previous course platform, your membership has already been moved for you! Just sign up with the same email address and you'll have access to those courses. You should have received an email inviting you as well.

Will my progress be saved?

Unfortunately, no. Take note of where you left off on our previous course and open that lesson in The Nest, and that place in the course will be saved for you.


Has the course content changed?

The only change is that we no longer have quizzes or certificates. These features are not yet in Circle.


Why did we move?

The Nest has many features that our previous course platform did not:

  • Multiple channels to discuss specific topics like machining and machines

  • Access to new guides and secret tips and tricks only on The Nest

  • Space where you can ask CNC experts questions

  • Get feedback on your latest projects from our team