We have a couple places you can have a login or account. Shop and Learning

Online Shop

As of September 2022, we moved to a new, more capable online Shop. If you made an order with us previous, your order information, addresses, and email was securely moved to the new platform. Any password you were using prior was secure and was not available to us to copy over - this is a good thing for online security! You'll need to enter a new password on account setup.

Setup your Account (Existing Customer)

Send us a message and we'll send you an account invite link! 

Alternatively you can create your account here - make sure to use the same email you checked out with previous.

Setup Account (New Customer)

Head here and enter your login information. 

We recommend using Lastpass to securely keep all passwords and account information.

Already Have Account on New Shop?

If you have an account on our new shop you can login here. You can also find the account login by clicking the person icon in the upper right of our website.

You can manage your addresses and see past orders as well as change your password.

If you need an address changed on a current order, please contact us right away. Updating your account address will not change open orders.

Learning Platform

Our learning platform has it's own account system. Please login here.

If you have any issues with any account, please let us know.