We're at full-production capability and making every effort to continue production safely.

For Active Quotes or Jobs In-Process

  • Our vendors are trying their best but we've seen unexpected delays as the world's supply systems are rebounding.
  • The timelines suggested assumes we have no further implications from the on-going pandemic. We will notify you at our earliest awareness of potential delays.

PPE Manufacturing

We have the capabilities and have a source for materials material to cut clear face shields to be used for healthcare / first responders.

Please get in touch if you're in need.

Visitors and Deliveries

We are protecting our employees and shop internally and completely restricting any outside visitors. We are supplying all project materials when possible.
  • We kindly ask that you are healthy and without symptoms of Coronavirus (cough, fatigue, fever, etc.)
  • We won't be able to shake hands, and we will be wearing masks of some kind.
  • Please wear a mask or we won't be able to assist you.
  • Our team will bring parts outside the shop and can help load if an acceptably safe distance can be maintained (6 ft) from each other.
  • If not, depending on the order scope, we can leave parts on our transport carts for you to load.
  • If these methods won't work, we can happily arrange a courier to deliver parts to you.
This is not how we like to engage with friends, family, or clients but just an unfortunate reality. We hope you understand the intent of these policies is to protect both us and you from any transmission of COVID-19.