This definitely works.

  • Positively indexed - won't shift or slide around.
  • Made from durable acetal.
  • Designed to fail in case of collision or too much downward force.
  • ATC Tool Holder Forks for standard ISO30
  • Made in America
  • P.S. – Keep a few spares on hand in case you have a boo-boo ?

How to Swap out for PDX CNC ones

  1. Replace the forks you want with PDX CNC ATC Forks
  2. Add-on or buy 1/4-20 Flat Head Socket Screws with 90º countersink.
  3. Calibrate these positions:  How to Calibrate your ATC Positions for WinCNC / ShopSabre
  4. Ready to go – you only need to calibrate once unless you notice some funny or sloppy changes.