Here's a list of things you'll likely need to do for most ShopSabre CNC Router tool position upgrades:

Have the ShopSabre Drop-in Kit? See that guide here.

  • Remove any existing racks and disconnect the tool height probe.

  • Install provided infill parts in the previous ATC rack pocket.

  • Use one of our CAD pattern files to face flush the infill parts and drill the mounting patterns.

  • Drill and Tap into the steel frame below your bed by hand. We don't recommend drilling or tapping with your router spindle.

    • Alternative mounting could involve using washers and nuts or backup blocks below the bed surface.

    • Phenolic is likely strong enough to be tapped, MDF is not. We recommend tapping into the steel frame regardless - hardware and tap, (but not tap handle) provided.

  • Mount Bases to Bed

  • Mount Risers on Bases

  • Mount Forks on Risers

  • Mount Tool Height Probe

  • Change WinCNC files:

    • For New Number of Tools

    • Set New Positions of Tools (XYZ Coordinates)

    • Set New Position for Tool Height Probe

    • Optional - raise the spindle higher during tool change.

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