Yes, on many machines this is no problem.

If you have a stock ShopSabre PRO or IS machine with an HSD spindle, and the newer ATC-Pedestal-like rack you can use our NEW  – Slim Brush Plate. The older solid bar blue rack we recommend using our  ATC Pedestals. The solid bar ATC rack will deform the lower brush and cause shortened life.

It will not work with the ShopSabre Dust Dock – we recommend disabling that in WinCNC. Follow this guide to do so.

Multicam AU rotatary and most linear ATC rack with HSD spindles work fantastic with our Dust Boot.

There's also been AXYZ machines that use our Dust Boot as well.

* We have not tested every ShopSabre machine and have yet to verify machines prior to the blue bent steel ATC Rack.