We have only tested out our Dust Boot with a few machines so far. We're pretty sure it works with more than just ShopSabre CNC Routers but need testers to confirm new machines.

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How to Estimate Fit

There are a couple of crucial fitting points on our original Dust Boot. One is the mounting point which is the nose of the spindle.

See our Compatibility List

Below is a diagram showing the fit of the Dust Boot in a plan view. The mounting hole 100mm in diameter and can tighten down about 6-10mm to fit a slightly smaller spindle or possibly 5mm larger. You would need to have clear or avoid the red area which is the Dust Boot.

Our Test-Fit Guarantee

If your machine configuration isn't on our Compatibility List and you want to try to test fit your machine with our Dust Boot. We offer you a full refund with free return shipping if it doesn't work out.

  1. First, make an order like normal.
  2. When Adding the Dust Boot to Cart, Check the Box or Enter a Note: "Test-Fit Guarantee"
  3. We'll ship your order and you can test-fit it on your machine. To Return it must be in New, unused condition.
  4. If it doesn't fit right, see below for the refund process.

Refund and Return Process

All items below must be true for the full refund if it doesn't work for your machine:

  • Shipping location must be in USA (contact us prior to ordering from outside US).
  • Product must be unused in New condition - No cutting or machining done.
  • Return Request must be within 15 days of tracking confirmed delivery.

If all the above are satisfied, please contact us with your order number and we'll happily send you a pre-paid return label to send back your Dust Boot back for a full refund.

Hopefully it works out for you - in which case we would love to know so we can add your machine to our compatibility list for others!

Please keep in mind, if the Dust Boot is dirtied from use or damaged, we cannot offer a refund.