Here's a list of what CNC Machines are compatible, incompatible, or untested yet. We are always looking for more testers through our Test-Fit Guarantee program.

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Confirmed Compatible

  • ShopSabre PRO and IS models with New Cutout Rack & Blue Bar ATC Rack (latter will smash brush)
    • HSD ES 915 5HP Spindles - 100mm diameter Nose
    • HSD ES 919 10HP Spindles - 100mm diameter Nose
  • Avid with 4HP Hiteco Spindle – 75mm diameter Nose
  • AXYZ / Multicam Trident - HSD ES 915 5HP Spindles - 100mm Diameter Nose with Rotary Changer & Linear Rack
  • AXYZ 6010 ATC (2015) with 100mm Diameter Nose
  • Laguna SmartShop II with ES951 Spindle

Works but Needs Modification

  • ShopSabre RC-8 with HSD Spindle & Left Y-Axis ATC Rack - Works but requires modification of the Z-Assembly Stiffener (aluminum truss) to fit Dust Boot with it facing Right or X+

Testing In-Process

Testers Needed

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  • AXYZ CNC Routers
  • ShopSabre RC-8 with 5HP HSD Spindle & X-axis ATC Rack

⏳ Likely Future Compatible Versions

  • ShopSabre 23
  • Avid with Spindles

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How to Measure for Nose Mount

To confirm your mount size, measure the diameter - we recommend using calipers.


Mounts can close down up to 5-7mm smaller than listed but won't expand more than 2-3mm without causing strain that will likely prematurely break the product.