Most toolholders should work insomuch it fits within the bounds of the lower brush with about .75-1 inch to spare.

Maximum Tool Diameter

  • The maximum diameter tool or tool holder we recommend using is 3.5 inches.
  • An ideal sized flycutter is roughly 2.5 inches like this one
  • We use this 2.375-in one which is very economical.

We do not recommend using a 4-inch flycutter with our Dust Boot - it will likely destroy your lower brush.

Optimal Tool holders

The holder length is a measurement from the face of the spindle to the bottom of the tool holder face whereas the gauge length is from the gauge line to the full length of the tool. Check out the drawing below to see how much a tool holder length can affect your Dust Collection capability.

To optimize your dust collection you want a short gauge length:

  • Choke up your tool as much as possible. This reduces deflection and helps shorten your stick-out or gauge length.
  • Use a short length tool holder. We sell an ideal length 50mm Tool Holder.

You can see below how much effect having a shorter tool holder length can factor into creating better dust collection.

Optimize your Dust Collection

We have an upcoming video on optimizing Dust Collection for CNC Routers that will show all of our best practices - subscribe if you haven't.