To Install the Duct Tower:

Note: Some ShopSabre machines only have one "open truss" z-stiffener. See Tips Here.

  • It’s critical to fully align your ducting to one side of the machine. See Ducting Guide.
  • Install Duct Tower on same side as ducting. (It works on either side of a ShopSabre PRO or IS (HSD 5HP or 10HP)

  1. Pre-assemble larger Tower and smaller Brace parts starting with the middle (3) bolt holes using M8x25mm SHCS and locknuts loosely

  2. Slip assembly over Z-Stiffener.

  3. Attach M8 Double Plates (2) with M8x16mm (4).

  4. Choose Angle and Mount Claw with M8x16mm (2) and locknuts (2).

  5. Attach Ducting with Duct Wrap and Rubber Twist Tie to claw.

Solid Z-Stiffener & Other Mounting Options

If your machine doesn't have the open truss aluminum Z-stiffener (as pictured above), you can still use our Duct Tower, you'll just need to make some modifications or choose your own mounting hardware.

Customers commonly drill through the solid aluminum Z-stiffener (red arrowed below). 

  1. Identify the solid aluminum Z-stiffener (red arrow in image).
  2. Use Tower part as template to mark clearance holes.
  3. Place something like wood behind Z-stiffener to avoid drilling into spindle.
  4. Select 9mm or .375" drill bit, drill marked spots.
  5. Use provided mounting hardware to secure Duct Tower.
  6. See images below for reference.

The photo on the left below shows the solid aluminum stiffener and on the right, how a customer used our suggestions to create their own mounting holes to easily mount the Duct Tower.