There are two answers to this, yes and yes:

We have preset kits defined here:

ShopSabre PRO/IS Upgrade Options:  

Numbers below allow for Z-Touch Probe Stand as well.

  • ShopSabre PRO 404 & 408 (Bed X: 60") - up to 12 tools
  • ShopSabre PRO 510 (Bed X: 72") - up to 14 tools
  • ShopSabre IS 408 (Bed X: 65") - up to 13 tools
  • ShopSabre IS 510 (Bed X: 75") - up to 15 tools
  • ShopSabre IS 612 (Bed X: 85") - up to 17 tools

Tool Capacities above for most standard spec'd machines after 2017.

But wait, we can double that.

You can add quite a few more tools if you want to sacrifice about 12-14 inches of Y travel you can add an additional row of tools in front of the normal row.

Without some extensive WinCNC reprogramming, 40 tools is the limit.

Please get in touch if this is something you are interested in!