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50-60 hrs runtime. 12 linear slides, 4 ball nuts.

Time: 15 minutes

Purge air in Grease Gun

(if no resistance on pump, no grease dispensed)

  1. Unscrew cap 2-3 turns

  2. Extend plunger rod and turn to engage (rod is keyed on plunger end. Not engaged if goes in all the way)

  3. Pump until grease comes out end. 

  4. Tighten cap

  5. Press pressure-relief button, pump again until grease comes out end.

Lube 12 Linear Slides 

Engage tip firmly in zerk fitting. Pump until resistance. 4 on each axis.

Note: Linear slides don’t take much grease: 2-3 pumps, obvious resistance when full. Ball screw nuts take more, less obvious resistance when full

  1. Start with machine OFF parked at tool changer end

  2. Y-axis ball nuts (2):  Access zerks under table from rear, on large round hub on the end of the nut facing the front of the machine.

  3. X-axis ball nut (1):  Access behind gantry

  4. Z-axis ball nut (1):  Start up CNC and HOME. Move Z to top position to access Z-axis ball nut zerk through slot in back top of Z-axis carriage.

  5. Optional - run machine to all axis extents to apply new grease to all bearing and ball screw surfaces.

  6. Clean any excess lube and debris from rails, trucks, ball screws. See Cleaning below.

  7. Set machine hours to zero in spreadsheet log –

CNC Cleaning

At minimum, clean excess lube and debris doing lubrication. 

Full cleaning should be done every 2nd lube.

  1. Clean old or excess grease or debris: 

Use acid brushes, q-tips, & blue paper towels to clean excess grease.
WD-40, Alcohol, Acetone as solvent if needed. DON’T use paint thinner.

    1. Around grease zerks

    2. On/near linear bearing (green and red ends)

    3. On top and bottom of linear rails and ball screws.

    4. Behind aluminum spindle

  1. Open grey control box, vacuum dust. Use compressed air to remove remaining dust.

  2. Vacuum filter on outside of grey control box.

  3. Use vacuum and compressed air to remove all debris from cable carrier and gantry upright plates below table.

  4. Clean debris buildup around spindle cone with compressed air or damp blue towels.

  5. Clean fan on top of spindle with compressed air

  6. Clean inside spindle cone - process needed

  7. Wipe down all machine painted surfaces to remove dust and buildup. No solvents or caustic chemicals to be used.