Spoilboard Surfacing Preflight

No ATC for Flycutter

T1: CMT 2.375"ø 3-wing Surfacer
  1. Manual Tool Insertion T1 (use L110 T1 to correct current WinCNC tool if needed)
  2. Set Tool Height (button on WinCNC)
  3. Set Z0 to top of spoilboard (vacuum on)
  4. X0Y0 is the standard corner of popup pins
  5. Run one of Files from /POSTS/2-375 BED SURFACE PROVEN/

Note: Suffix of File -03 = -.03" depth of cut from Z0

CMT 2.375"ø 3-Wing Cutter

Feeds and Speeds

  • 12,000 RPM
  • 400 IPM
  • 50% stepover
  • DOC: .03 to .05"