We made a change to the Dust Boots to make for a more solid connection between the bottom and top plates. That requires one quick upgrade to your Dust Boot if you have a version prior to November 2022.

To do this you just need the top plate of your Dust Boot and a Hammer. Some needle nose pliers and a clamp are helpful too.

  • Clamp the top plate upside down so you can get to these two open pin slots.
  • Insert the new Alignment Pins we sent along with all new Lower Brush Plates with the large end inserted into the top plate holes.
  • The key is to get it in straight, but it sort of aligns itself if you get it mostly close and it doesn't take too much force.
  • Once you've got both inserted - that's it you're ready to go.
  • All new lower plate accessories will be ready for your Dust Boot.