Machine Fit and Compatibility

Our initial offering of Laguna Dust Boots will support most:

  • ✅ SmartShop II with ES951 spindles - pneumatic lifting mechanism
  • SmartShop M - soon to come
  • Hiteco Spindle - soon to come

If this doesn't happen to fit we can likely send you another wing plate that will work and if not we can process a return and refund for an unused new condition product.

Please let us know if other versions have fit or don't as we would love to keep our list up to date.

Fit Diagram

  1. Print this attached PDF at 100% scale.
  2. Remove existing dust boot and tools
  3. Hold up to bottom of the spindle without tool.
  4. If spindle aligns centered on the "spindle opening" and pneumatic rods fit one of two holes up you have a match with our dust boot!
  5. Note which mount opening (A or B) fits best.

Ordering and Shipping Estimate

This product is shipping as of 30 June 2023.


Installing our Dust Boot is as easy as turning a wrench or socket:

  1. Remove your existing Dust Boot.
  2. Attach Wing Plates with provided hardware if not attached.
  3. Slide Rod Spacers (2), one on each Piston Rod.
  4. Raise Dust Boot so Wing Plates align with Piston Rods.
  5. Attach original Rod Nuts (2) below Wing Plates.
  6. Connect 5-inch Duct to port - do not over-tighten.

Dust Boot should not come into contact with spindle forcefully. If so, discontinue use & contact PDX CNC.