Dust Boot

To use our Dust Boot with the standard ShopSabre CNC Router Blue ATC Rack, the Z-Tool probe must be located on the leftmost side of the rack.

If the Z-Probe is on the Right side, or Center of the rack, it will likely cause a collision with the leftmost adjacent tool when Z-heighting your tools.

ATC Pedestal Install

This guide will also help you move your probe for our ATC Pedestal Install. Simply, disregard any ShopSabre Rack mentions in that case, the rest will be correct.

Step 0: Make sure you have a measured tool in the spindle.

Move the Z-Probe to the LEFT side

To remedy this, you'll need to move the Z-probe to the left side of your ShopSabre ATC Rack.

  1. Remove the Z-Probe from the Right or Center of ATC Rack by removing socket cap head screws attaching it to rack.
  2. Fish wire back through CNC bed to below machine bed.
  3. Drill a new hole through the CNC bed top near the Left mounting position and fish wire through new hole to Z-probe.
  4. Reattach Z-Probe to ATC Rack on Left side, or -X (when facing Gantry and spindle) with the same socket cap head screws.

Set Location of Z-Probe

Note: When editing the files below, your files may be slightly different, our machine is from 2017. Software or machine configuration may have changed since but likely is very similar.

  1. Open This PC > C:/ > WinCNC folder
  2. Find G37Z and open in a Text editor
    1. Some versions (older) will have a g53x9.05 and g53y120.2312 (not same coordinates) on something like line 6 and 7. If this is missing, skip the G37Z file edits and use the new coordinates in the WinCNC.ini 
    2. IF YES:
    3. Turn OFF Soft Limits - WARNING THIS MEANS YOU CAN CRASH YOUR MACHINE NOW by typing L21 in the WinCNC command line and press enter. Now you can jog past the soft limits.
    4. Jog machine (with measured tool inserted in spindle) over to the top of your new Z-probe location.
    5. Once positioned above Z-probe, click VIEW then Position Information, and use the ABSOLUTE X & Y in the lines below.
    6. Change Line 6 in G37Z to center of X of new Z-probe (if this exists in your G37Z file)
    7. Change Line 7 in G37Z to center of Y of new Z-probe.
    8. Save the G37Z file.
  3. Open the WinCNC.ini file from the WinCNC folder in a Text Editor.
    1. Scroll to near line 135 (your file may differ based on machine options) where it says [G37 (Tool Measure) settings].
    2. Underneath that header there should be a line of code that looks like (don't use our numbers):
      g37=X-9.07 y107.07 d-2.0 f30
    3. Revise that to match the X and Y location from the G37Z file numbers in X and Y. No need to change anything else.
    4. Save the WinCNC.ini file.
  4. Turn Soft Limits back ON by pressing red cross button or typing L21 and Enter in the command line.
  5. After saving these text files, exit and open WinCNC and Home the machine.

Use Absolute coordinates for Z Probe position

To Test your New Z-Probe Location

  1. Open WinCNC. Go to View > Tool Libraries and note the current measurement of your current tool.
  2. With hands ready to push ESC or the Kill Switch
  3. Push Tool HT in WinCNC 
  4. Your machine should properly measure the height of the tool and update the value in the Tool Library.
  5. Confirm measurement - it should be within a few thousandths of an inch.
  6. You're all set!

Measure All Tools

It's good practice to Tool Height All measured Tools as any change could cause your tools to now measure differently.

WinCNC Window for Reference

G37Z File Example

WinCNC.ini File Example